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Top Ten Creatures

Living in South Florida, we get to enjoy the warm weather practically year-round, the beaches and beautiful skies. But there is one part of this lifestyle that’s anything but attractive…the pests and creatures who love to share our homes and businesses. Below is a list of the top ten creatures common to South Florida, along with a brief description of each.


Ants - We guarantee ants different than the other pest control companies. Most pest control firms (or exterminators as some companies like to call themselves) will treat the ants on an ala carte basis. They will charge the customer a base rate and then charge extra for white footed ants, carpenter ants and big headed ants.
Bug Stoppers takes all the major ant species that bother our customers (big headed ants, ghost ants or what many refer to as sugar ants, carpenter ants, fire ants and white footed ants) and includes a guarantee for all these ants. We realize our customers don't care what kind of ant it is they just want us to get rid of them.


Roaches - Palmetto bugs are roaches. What people call palmettos are usually Australian or American cockroaches. Bug Stoppers handles these roaches and German and brown banded as well as other roaches. As with ants we find our customers don't care what type they are, just get rid of them they tell us.




Bed Bugs

Lawn Bugs

Plant and Ornamental Bugs


Fleas & Occasional Invaders

Yes, I can count. I know there are more than ten on this list, but theses are the major insects and creatures found in and around homes in South Florida. So, if you want to preserve the comfortable and beautiful lifestyle of living in South Florida, call Bug Stoppers. Our programs are State of the Art and designed to eliminate creatures like these at their source.

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