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Organic Pest Control, Natural Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management
There has been a lot of talk about organic pest control, natural pest control and Integrated Pest Management. These are the new buzz words in the pest control field. Bug Stoppers practices Integrated Pest Management or IPM.
Sometimes what is natural or organic can be more harmful than other materials that we use. For instance pyrethrums are natural insecticides from the Chrysanthemum plant, but many people are allergic to this chemical. Another material that is promoted as natural or organic is boric acid. While boric acid is very safe in that it would take an extremely large dose to poison someone the downside is there is no antidote for boric acid.

The proper choice of material and where it is placed is of utmost importance. Our procedures are focused in this matter to effectively eliminate the pests from our customer’s homes while protecting people, pets and the environment.
We do this by identifying and locating the pests on the outside of your house or business before they come in. On the inside we go right to the source. We also help seal up or point out to our customer’s areas of concerns so entryways can be sealed off. In addition we educate our customer how to avoid getting some insects e.g. Bedbugs, fleas and ticks. See Our method for additional information on our procedures.


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Pest Control Palm Beach Gardens | Pest Control Jupiter | Pest Control Tequesta

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