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As a company, we believe it is important in these days to be conscious of the environment and our impact. Therefore, over the past few years, we have taken steps to become more environmentally friendly, or “green”. One of programs we are currently becoming established with is the Adopt-A-Road Program. Picking up litter and trash from a local road can help our environment and keep our cities looking beautiful.

Also, we have switched to “green-rated”, energy efficient, fluorescent light bulbs in the office. When it comes to the chemicals we use, being green is part of it too. We use advanced chemistries in our chemicals, which are more environmentally friendly than older chemistries. Also, our process of pin-pointing treatment of where the pests travel and live, instead of blindly over-spraying on every inch and polluting the environment, is more green conscious.

By doing this, we use our materials more efficiently to eliminate pests inside and outside of the home, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. Even our vehicles have gotten a green makeover. . Recently, we added Chevrolet HHR’s to our fleet and reduced the number of  trucks on the road. The HHR’s get 22 mpg (mile per gallon) city and 30 mpg highway. According to, the Chevy HHR is rated 7 on the air pollution scale and 7 on the greenhouse gas scale (10 being the best for both scales).

These vehicles get the  SmartWay designation. Rhius means the Chevrolet HHR earned combined Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Scores that place them in the top tier (approximately the top 20%) of environmental performers. Our other vehicles include a 2006 Toyota Tundra, which gets 21 mpg highway. Bug Stoppers is also a participating member of Certified Pest Control Operators (CPCO) of Florida Green Program. CPCO is a member of the US EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). . For the well-being of our customers and the planet, we at Bug Stoppers are trying our hardest to be as green as possible.

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Pest Control Palm Beach Gardens | Pest Control Jupiter | Pest Control Tequesta

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